Dakhoon Air Freshener


Al rehab, once you smell and see the beauty of the fragrance it is not hard to see why. A mixture of oudhs and musks, you can instantly smell and as the fragrance settles into the room, the beauty of it never fades.


Discover Al Rehab, our long-running air freshener that captivates with its beauty. Embrace the alluring blend of oudhs and musks that instantly fill the room, leaving a timeless fragrance that never fades. Elevate your space with this enchanting aroma that is hard to resist once you experience its allure. Let the captivating scent surround you, evoking a sense of tranquility and delight. Experience the magic of Al Rehab and fall in love with its captivating fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. Transform your home into a haven of delightful fragrances with Al Rehab air freshener.

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Weight 0.260 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 23 cm


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