Daliya Water Perfume


An alcohol-free spray blending citrus, spices, oud, saffron, and florals, balanced by woodiness and vetiver. Ideal for hydrating and scenting in the heat.

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Experience the aromatic tapestry of Daliya Water Perfume—a cherished blend designed for those warm moments. As an alcohol-free spray, it envelopes the skin in a delicate, fragrant layer, ensuring not just aroma but long-lasting hydration. Revel in its sweet citrus embrace intertwined with oriental spices, headlined by vanilla and liquorice.

The richness of oud oil and precious saffron gives depth, complemented by intoxicating chocolate notes. As you journey deeper, savor the gourmet hints of plum and lemon grass soaked in honey. The duet of rose and jasmine, harmonized with earthy vetiver, ensures that the sweetness transitions seamlessly into a sensual woody finish. For best results, shake well and apply directly to skin or hair.

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 cm

100 ml


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