Dark Grey Maqam-e-Ibrahim Print Prayer Mat


Embrace serenity with our lovely Grey Prayer Mat featuring intricate stitching of Maqam-e-Ibrahim and symmetrical patterns. Lightweight and portable, it allows prayers anywhere. Elevate your spiritual moments with this beautifully detailed and convenient prayer accessory.


Discover tranquility with our Grey Finished Prayer Mat, adorned with detailed Maqam-e-Ibrahim stitching and symmetrical patterns. Lightweight and portable, it offers the flexibility to pray anywhere. The exquisite craftsmanship brings a touch of elegance to your prayer space, while the thoughtful design enhances your spiritual experience. The Maqam-e-Ibrahim, stitched with precision, adds a sacred touch, and the symmetrical patterns across the top contribute to the mat’s aesthetic appeal. This prayer mat is not just a functional accessory but a beautiful expression of devotion, making it easy to carry the essence of prayer wherever you go. Immerse yourself in prayer with this portable and intricately designed mat.

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