Dear Beloved Son


Gain valuable advice for seekers of knowledge in this book, covering material wealth, Islamic etiquette, and more. Supported by Quranic, Hadith, and logical examples, it emphasizes action over abstract knowledge.


24 Pieces of Advice for Seekers of Knowledge provides essential guidance for those pursuing knowledge. It addresses various life aspects, including material wealth, love of this world, Islamic etiquette, and the acquisition of knowledge. The author supports these ideas with relevant Quranic and Hadith quotations, poetry, and logical examples. The book underscores the importance of cleansing oneself of bad manners to develop good characteristics. It serves as a powerful reminder of identifying with the next life. The text highlights the challenge of accepting advice, particularly for seekers of knowledge focused on worldly benefits. It warns against the belief that abstract knowledge alone, without action, will suffice. As the Hadith states, not following Allah’s guidance and not benefiting from knowledge can lead to severe punishment on Judgment Day.

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