Des Tentation


“A radiant blend of mint, lemon, and apple, underscored by a warm base of cedarwood and vanilla. An invigorating journey from crisp freshness to earthy depth.”

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“Step into a world where the refreshing burst of mint leaves dances harmoniously with zesty Italian lemon and the crisp bite of green apple. This vibrant opening gradually melts into a heart characterized by the velvety allure of tonka bean, the aquatic whispers of ambroxan, and the floral touch of geranium.

As the journey unfolds, the base reveals the comforting embrace of vanilla, the grounding aroma of vetiver, the mossy tones of oakmoss, and the robust character of cedarwood. Housed in a 100ml bottle, this fragrance offers a multi-layered olfactory experience, bridging luminous freshness with earthy profundity.”

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Weight 0.260 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 cm

100 ml


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