Dirham 50 ml


A lively fusion of citrus, floral elegance, and a refined woody base. Freshness and positivity encapsulated in an everyday scent.

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“Dirham Eau de Parfum by Ard Al Zaafaran captures the essence of vitality and freshness, seamlessly married with floral elegance and a whisper of woodiness. The introduction is an invigorating dance of citrus, cooled by bergamot and spiced with a hint of cardamom. As it unfolds, the heart radiates warmth with blooming roses, fragrant jasmine, and calming lavender. The conclusion is a subtle embrace of sandalwood intertwined with the enduring notes of cedar and earthy vetiver. The final result is Dirham; a fragrance that exudes freshness, positive energy, and is perfectly suited for daily wear.”

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50 ml


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