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Dolly by Amsons: A dazzling, enduring sweet clarity. Day-long burst of sweetness. Part of the exclusive collection, 100% alcohol-free.

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Discover ‘Dolly’, a jewel in the Amsons Exclusive Collection. This fragrance is not just a scent but a luminous experience. Its dazzling nature comes alive with a clarity of sweetness that promises to not just introduce itself but to linger throughout the day. Every morning spritz turns into an all-day olfactory journey, keeping its initial vibrant sweetness constant. It’s a fragrance tailored for those who seek consistency in charm. Beyond its aromatic brilliance, Dolly stands out with its commitment to purity, being entirely alcohol-free. Dive into a scent experience that’s as delightful at dusk as it is at dawn, and let Dolly become your signature.

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8 ml


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