Ebdaa Room Freshener


Ebdaa room freshener is a premium water-based scent with essential oils. Neutralizes odors for a fresh ambiance. Ideal for fabrics, linens, and pre-ironing. Signature “fulla” fragrance.

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Introducing the Ebdaa room freshener, a distinctive blend of luxury and efficacy. Crafted using a specialized formula, this premium water-based fragrance encompasses a carefully guarded blend of essential oils combined with anti-bacterial agents. Its core purpose is to effectively neutralize and dissipate unpleasant odors, paving the way for a fresh, clean ambiance in any space.

Beyond merely masking scents, Ebdaa aims to transform your environment into one that’s truly odorless, providing a breath of freshness. Its versatile application extends to curtains, carpets, bed linens, cloth sofas, and even clothes just before ironing. What sets Ebdaa apart is its signature scent – the characteristic aroma of “fulla”, a fragrance note that lingers, creating an inviting and comforting atmosphere in your home. Embrace the essence of purity and elegance with Ebdaa.

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Weight 0.390 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 25 cm

500 ml


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