Essential Duas & Surahs Book 1


The Safar Learn by Heart series aids students in memorizing authentic surahs and duas taught by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, with English translations and virtues. Structured levels and a progress tracker promote gradual learning.


The Safar Learn by Heart series is a comprehensive resource for students aspiring to memorize surahs and duas taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. It aligns with the sunnah of continuous remembrance of Allah throughout the day, teaching authentic duas with English translations in an easy-to-understand manner. This series stands out by including virtues mentioned by the Prophet S.A.W for reading these duas, a motivating factor for preserving this Sunnah. With multiple levels and a progress tracker, learners can systematically enhance their knowledge. The arrangement of surahs and duas complements the memorization requirements in various Safar Islamic Studies and Arabic books, forming part of a comprehensive curriculum that includes Tajwid, Islamic Studies, and Arabic.

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