Faten Naseem


A lavish journey of aromatic spices and deep woods, embodying the Silk Road’s treasures. Rich oud heart, balanced with sandalwood and vetiver. Opulent yet masterfully restrained.

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Golden Oud is opulence redefined. Inspired by the treasures of the Silk Road, it captures the essence of exploration and luxury for today’s discerning wanderers. The fragrance embarks with oriental aromatics, paving the way to a heart of profound oud, harmonized with sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli. It teeters on the edge of immense richness, yet with skilled finesse, it never tumbles into excess.

The finale is a mesmerizing embrace – mossy and musky, with lingering oud notes that captivate the senses for hours. Golden Oud is undoubtedly a statement of affluence and sophistication, but its true beauty lies in its wondrous balance and allure.

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18 ml


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