Floral Bloom


An evolution of Floral Bloom, this chypre essence boasts a deep floral aroma, blending Rangoon creeper, jasmine, and tuberose

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From the heart of the original Floral Bloom emerges a more intense chypre essence that mesmerizes and captivates. At its opening, the enigmatic Rangoon creeper beckons with its unique charm, setting the stage for what’s to follow. The core of the scent reveals the ethereal allure of jasmine bud, pure and intoxicating. As it dries down, the natural tuberose unveils its deep, creamy profile, adding richness and depth to the overall composition. Together, these ingredients paint a portrait of a sophisticated floral aroma that is both timeless and contemporary, evoking emotions and memories with each wear.

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Weight 0.395 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 14 cm

100 ml


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