Grey Vitiver – 8ml Attar


Grey Vitiver is a gentle and mesmerizing fragrance, reminiscent of misty mornings and timeless elegance. Its subtle charm captivates and soothes, leaving a memorable and sophisticated olfactory impression.

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Grey Vitiver is more than just a scent; it’s an evocative journey through layers of understated elegance and delicate allure. With every spritz, one is transported to a world where early morning dew kisses fresh earth, and the softness of nature embraces the spirit. The fragrance dances on the skin with a balance of warmth and coolness, capturing the essence of enigmatic beauty. Like a mist-covered meadow at dawn, Grey Vitiver is both tranquil and vibrant, weaving together notes that linger in memory and heart. Whether worn during the day’s first light or evening’s gentle descent, it remains a timeless testament to quiet allure.

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8 ml


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