Haramain Mamul Jasmine


MAMUL Jasmine is a fragrant oriental incense/Bakhoor by Al Haramain which emits a long lasting Jasmine scent when burnt. It comes in clear plastic jar. Can be used in aromatherapy and given as a gift.

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MAMUL Jasmine, an exquisite offering from Al Haramain, evokes the enchanting heartbeats of the Orient. This bakhoor, imbued with the intoxicating allure of jasmine, envelops any room in an aroma that not only lingers but caresses the senses, reminiscent of moonlit gardens in full bloom. Nestled within a transparent, elegant plastic jar, its pristine presence promises an olfactory journey like no other. Beyond its aromatic beauty, MAMUL Jasmine boasts therapeutic properties, standing out as a prime choice for aromatherapy aficionados.

Its intricate fragrance profile, a masterful blend of Jasmine, Frankincense, Musk, and the ever-resonant Oudh, carries with it tales of ancient Arabian nights. Perfect as a thoughtful gift or when paired with an oil diffuser mix, MAMUL Jasmine bridges the gap between age-old tradition and modern sophistication. Experience its captivating embrace.

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