Haramain Mamul Ward


MAMUL Ward is a fragrant oriental incense/Bakhoor by Al Haramain which emits a long lasting Rose scent when burnt. It comes in clear plastic jar. Can be used in aromatherapy and given as a gift.

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MAMUL Ward, a creation by Al Haramain, captures the timeless essence of the Orient in a fragrant bakhoor. When burned, it releases a profound Rose aroma that lingers, evoking memories of ancient gardens and whispered tales of yesteryears. Contained within a transparent plastic jar, its presentation is as clear and straightforward as its scent.

The delicate balance of the rose with underlying oriental notes brings both calm and a hint of mystery to any space. Whether you’re considering it as a thoughtful gift or for personal use, MAMUL Ward promises a sensory experience that bridges the age-old traditions of the East with the modern appreciation for subtlety and depth.


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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 cm


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