Holy Quran Indo Pak Script 92


Discover a large-sized Quran in Indo-Pak script, 11 lines/page, with bold, dark black text for enhanced readability. Protected by a clear plastic cover, it’s perfect for those with weaker eyesight.


Experience the ease of reading with this large-sized Quran in Indo-Pak script, featuring 11 lines per page and bold, dark black text, ideal for individuals with weaker eyesight. The added clear plastic cover provides extra protection while preserving the text’s clarity. Whether you seek spiritual guidance or in-depth study, this Quran facilitates a comfortable and accessible reading experience. Dive into the teachings of Islam with confidence, knowing that every word is easily discernible. Embrace the timeless wisdom of the Quran with this thoughtfully designed edition, tailored for those seeking both clarity and convenience.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 21 cm


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