Instant Arabic Coffee Cardamom 30g


Kif Almosafer Instant Arabic Coffee with Cardamom, a cherished tradition in Arabian culture, offers a delightful blend for special occasions. Perfectly complemented with dates, it not only invigorates the mind and body but also aids in staying awake with heightened attention.

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Experience the time-honored tradition of Arabian hospitality with Kif Almosafer Instant Arabic Coffee, infused with the aromatic essence of Cardamom. A beverage cherished at home and for special occasions, it pairs perfectly with dates or candied fruit. Beyond its rich cultural significance, this coffee blend not only invigorates the mind and body but also helps in staying awake with heightened attention. The warm, comforting flavors make it a perfect companion for gatherings, creating a sense of tradition and camaraderie. Embrace the authentic taste and cultural richness as you indulge in this exquisite blend, where every sip tells a story of Arabian hospitality and warmth.

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