IQ Islamic Quiz Book 3


Explore Islam with 100 questions designed to engage young minds. Foster curiosity, learning, and a connection to Islamic heritage. Ideal for individual or group settings, this booklet encourages a lifelong appreciation of Islam.


Fuel curiosity and understanding of Islam with a stimulating booklet of 100 questions for young minds. Each question encourages learning about key aspects of the Islamic faith, fostering exploration and knowledge. This interactive resource invites children to delve into the beauty of Islam, promoting a deeper connection with their heritage. Ideal for both individual and group settings, the booklet is crafted to inspire young learners and initiate meaningful conversations about the rich tapestry of Islamic teachings. Encourage a love for learning and provide a foundation for a lifelong appreciation of Islam with this thoughtfully designed and engaging educational tool.

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Dimensions 10 × 1 × 15 cm


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