Jazab Bakhoor


A beautiful smelling popular bakhoor, gentle to burn and slow to release the bakhoor fragrance. Bakhoor is a premium quality oriental Oudh incense bar.

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JAZAB” Exotic Arabian Oud Bakhoor for Incense Burners 50g by Banafa Give your home an Islamic / Arabian Traditional Oud based beautiful aroma & luxurious fragrance! Here we have famous exotic Arabian Oud Bakhoor [50g] produced by Banafa, the well-known Saudi Arabian factory. These are one of the best smelling and authentic Arabian Oud Bakhoors.

For using Bukhoor: simply place hot coal on top of an Incense Burner, then sprinkle small amount of Bakhoor on the heated coal for an elegant Islamic & Arabic smelling scent! *We also do the Perfume as well as the Home Sprays produced by Banafa, the same Saudi Arabian brand. Please check our other listings or contact us for more information.

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