Jean Lowe Ombre

“Jean Lowe Ombre by Maison Alhambra/Lattafa, inspired by Ombre Nomade, encapsulates the infinite allure of oud wood for rare essence aficionados.”

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“For those who have an affinity for the unparalleled, Jean Lowe Ombre Perfume, presented by Maison Alhambra and Lattafa, is a sensory voyage like no other. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Ombre Nomade, this fragrance seeks to immortalize the sensation of endless allure and mystique. At its heart lies the age-old and revered ingredient in perfumery – the oud wood. Its profound aroma carries the weight of centuries, stories, and journeys, echoing an aroma that’s as mythical as it is captivating. Jean Lowe Ombre isn’t merely a fragrance; it’s a tribute to timelessness, to the lovers of rare essences, and to the unparalleled magnetism of oud.”

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100 ml


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