Juzz Amma Uthmani Script


Explore Juzz Amma with 15 lines in Uthmani script, featuring color-coded text with Tajweed rules. This visually enhanced edition offers a comprehensive tool for precise and melodious recitation.


Dive into Juzz Amma with this unique edition presenting 15 lines in Uthmani script, adorned with color-coded text incorporating Tajweed rules. Designed for a visually rich and educational experience, it aids in accurate pronunciation and meaningful recitation. Ideal for learners of all levels, the combination of Uthmani script and Tajweed rules provides a holistic approach to understanding and mastering the verses of Juzz Amma. This edition not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a practical guide for those seeking to enhance their recitation skills and deepen their connection to the beautiful verses of the Quran.

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Dimensions 10 × 1 × 16 cm


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