Katan Silk Hijab Petal Pink

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Enhance your modest elegance with Katan Silk, a shimmering and soft accessory ideal for special occasions. Crafted from 100% Rayon, it’s lightweight, durable, and non-slip, guaranteeing comfortable and long-lasting wear.


Katan Silk is your key to a high-quality, elegant look with a captivating shimmer. Crafted from 100% Rayon, it offers both lightweight durability and a soft texture that sits comfortably on your head. With its non-slip qualities, there’s no need for an under cap, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting wear without any fuss.

Measuring approximately 202 x 93 cm, this versatile piece provides ample room for various styling methods, ensuring you can create the perfect look for any special occasion. Elevate your fashion game and exude confidence with Katan Silk, a timeless and sophisticated choice for those seeking elegance and comfort.

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 10 cm


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