Lail Maleki


“Lail Maleki Perfume by Lattafa opens with spicy cardamom and fresh basil, leading to a heart of African Wild Pearwood—a unique woody note. A captivating fragrance that dares to be different.”

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“Experience the unique allure of Lail Maleki Perfume by Lattafa. It begins with an invigorating blend of spicy cardamom and the freshness of basil, setting the stage for an olfactory journey like no other. At its heart lies the distinctive African Wild Pearwood note, a rarity in the world of fragrances, making this scent truly one-of-a-kind. This woody element adds depth and complexity to the composition, elevating the fragrance to new heights of sophistication. Lail Maleki is an exploration of contrasts, where spices meet freshness and tradition harmonizes with innovation. Discover a scent that refuses to conform—a fragrance that boldly embraces the unconventional.”

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 11 cm

100 ml


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