Mamool Misk Al Oudh


MAMUL Misk is a fragrant oriental incense/Bakhoor which emits a long lasting Frankincense scent when burnt. It comes in a clear plastic jar. Can be used in aromatherapy and given as a gift.

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MAMUL Misk by Al Haramain captures the essence of the Orient in its aromatic depths. This premium Bakhoor, infused with the enduring scent of Frankincense, unfolds a timeless aroma, reminiscent of ancient rituals and mystic landscapes. Each burn releases harmonious notes of Frankincense, underpinned by the rich warmth of Musk and the profound essence of Oudh. Encased in a sleek, clear plastic jar, it presents both clarity and elegance, mirroring its pristine olfactory character.

Beyond its ambient fragrance, MAMUL Misk offers therapeutic benefits, making it a prized choice for aromatherapy enthusiasts. Whether gifted to a dear one or paired with an oil diffuser mix, it ensures an enveloping and tranquil ambiance, bridging the past’s reverence with today’s sophisticated palate. Experience a scent that transcends.

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