Manzil Pocket Size


Carry a pocket-sized 8 Lined Manzil with Urdu translation for spiritual guidance. This compact resource offers meaningful recitations for protection and blessings.


Experience the convenience of a pocket-sized 8 Lined Manzil with Urdu translation. This compact booklet contains powerful recitations for protection and blessings. With the included Urdu translation, you can easily understand and connect with the spiritual content. Whether you seek solace, protection, or blessings in your daily life, this pocket-sized resource is a valuable companion. Its small size makes it easy to carry and use whenever you need it, providing you with a source of spiritual guidance and strength. Enhance your spiritual practice and find comfort in the words of Manzil with this Urdu-translated pocket-sized booklet.

Additional information

Weight 0.110 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 8 cm


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