Maryam Body Lotion


Maryam Body Lotion by Amson: Enriched with Black Seed oil, Vitamin E, and moisturizers. Ensures 24hr hydration, preventing dryness, leaving skin soft and youthful. Ideal for all skin types. Best post-shower.

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Discover daily indulgence with Maryam Body Lotion by Amson. This exceptional formula, bursting with the nurturing qualities of Black Seed oil, Vitamin E, and premium moisturizers, promises intensive care for your skin. Dive into its rapid absorption capability that doesn’t just provide momentary hydration but stimulates your skin’s inherent moisture production.

The reward? Skin that stays soft, radiantly healthy, and free from dryness throughout the day. Cultivated to promote a naturally healthier skin texture, Maryam Body Lotion becomes the finishing touch to your shower or bath routine. Specially designed for 24-hour care, it caters to the hydration needs of all skin types, ensuring a consistently youthful appearance.

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 cm

40 ml


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