Maryam talking doll


My Little Muslim Friend Maryam Speaks when you press her hands. Discover Maryams favourite hobbies and hear her recite ” Tala Al Badru Alayna” and We are the best of friends.


Introducing My Little Muslim Friend Maryam – the talkative companion activated by a touch. Press her hands to uncover Maryam’s beloved hobbies and listen as she recites the cherished verses “Tala Al Badru Alayna” and “We are the best of friends.” This captivating doll merges play and education, immersing kids in meaningful interactions.

With Maryam, children embark on a journey of discovery and friendship, while also developing a deeper connection to Islamic teachings. Invite Maryam into your child’s world, where her engaging voice and recitations create treasured moments of bonding and learning.

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Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 22 cm


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