Montage Intense


” A warm, spicy embrace of sweet gourmands. Revel in the intoxicating richness of Cognac, the velvety smoothness of Tonka Bean, and the timeless depth of Oak Wood.”

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“Dive into the sensory luxury of Montage Perfume, a scent that celebrates the best in warm and spicy gourmands. Opening with the luxurious warmth of Cognac, it immediately sets a tone of sophistication and opulence. This is soon complemented by the addictively sweet and creamy undertones of Tonka Bean, a scent known for its comforting and embracing aroma.

Anchoring the fragrance is the profound and grounding essence of Oak Wood, giving the scent a timeless quality. Combined, these key notes create a perfume experience that is both decadently sweet and intriguingly spicy, making Montage an unforgettable signature for those who wear it.”

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 16 cm


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