Mukhallat Abiyad By Afnan


Mukhallat Dehn al Oudh Abiyad boasts rich, carefully blended ingredients. Beginning with ambery, spicy top notes, it evolves into a musky heart and concludes with a spicy, woody base.

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Mukhallat Dehn al Oudh Abiyad is a fragrance masterpiece, a symphony of select ingredients harmoniously blended. The fragrance journey starts with an inviting burst of spicy and ambery top notes, creating an initial aura of warmth and intrigue. As the scent begins to unfold, it reveals its heart – a stunning, musky core, evoking a sense of depth and mystery. As the journey reaches its culmination, the fragrance settles into an intricate base of both spice and wood, creating a lasting impression that is both earthy and luxurious. Each note in this exquisite fragrance tells a story, making Mukhallat Abiyad a scent to remember.

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 cm

20 ml


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