Nabeel Black Air Freshener (Water Based) 300ml


Nabeel Black Air Freshener is a premium water-based. This air freshener can be used on curtains, carpets, bed linens, and clothes while ironing. World famous Nabeel perfumes used in this product.

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Discover the allure of “”Nabeel Black Air Freshener”” – a luxurious water-based elixir designed to elevate your living spaces. Crafted with precision, every spritz promises a signature aroma that captivates and invigorates. Its application extends far beyond just freshening the air. Imagine the soft caress of your curtains, the plush embrace of your carpets, the comforting touch of your bed linens, or the crisp feel of clothes right off the ironing board – all infused with this enchanting scent.

But what truly sets it apart is its pedigree. With the globally-renowned excellence of Nabeel perfumes as its foundation, this air freshener is more than a product; it’s an experience. Dive into a world where fragrance meets sophistication, and every corner of your home tells a tale of aromatic luxury.

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Weight 0.485 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 cm

300 ml


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