Omani Navy Thobe


Experience the pinnacle of Islamic menswear with our distinguished thobes. Combining comfort and style, these ankle-length garments made from breathable cotton embody timeless tradition. An ideal choice for daily wear, providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

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Men Thobes Size Chart
Length in Inches (Shoulder to Ankle)50525456586062
Chest in Inches21222323.524.52627


Immerse yourself in the epitome of Islamic menswear with our distinguished thobes. Effortlessly blending comfort and style, these ankle-length garments crafted from breathable satin epitomize timeless tradition. Worn as the most comfortable traditional attire, the thobe features long sleeves and reaches to the ankles. Whether in warm climates as a lightweight, loose-fitting garment or in colder conditions layered with a top or jacket, the thobe remains versatile. Breathable cotton, favored for its comfort, allows for airflow, quick drying, and cooling in summer. As an ankle-length one-piece man’s dress, the thobe aligns with the sunnah description of modest clothing for men, making it a symbol of cultural and religious significance.

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 28 × 2 × 24 cm
Thobe Size

52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62


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