Nurturing Eeman In Children


Nurturing Eeman in Childre by Dr. Aisha Hamdan delves into the vital aspect of instilling a strong connection to faith and Islam in children. Learn the what, why, and how of raising faithful Muslim kids.


Dr. Aisha Hamdan’s book, “Nurturing Eeman in Children,” goes beyond typical parenting guides by emphasizing the crucial task of nurturing a strong connection to faith and Islam in children. This book offers insights into why this aspect of child-rearing is vital and provides practical guidance on how to raise righteous and faithful Muslim children. It addresses the importance of instilling a love for the religion chosen by Allah and fostering a deep connection with the Creator from a young age. Discover a holistic approach to parenting that encompasses spiritual growth and learn how to raise children who are not only well-behaved but also deeply rooted in their faith.

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