O Mankind A Pocketful Of Gems From The Quran


Discover the treasure of Qur’anic Jewels in this guidebook, offering wisdom and supplications. Learn how to craft perfect and beautiful du’as with the tools provided, guided by the teachings of Allah and His Messenger.


Explore the treasure trove of Qur’anic Jewels, a guidebook that unveils rubies, diamonds, and pearls of profound wisdom and supplications. Allah has blessed us with His glorious book, and through His beloved Messenger, we learn the art of crafting perfect and beautiful du’as. This invaluable resource equips invokers with the essential tools to create heartfelt supplications, following the teachings of Allah and His Messenger. It’s a guide to tap into the divine wisdom contained in these glistening gems, enabling a deeper connection with the Lord. Let this book illuminate your path to heartfelt and meaningful du’as, enriching your spiritual journey.

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 13 cm


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