Ombre 33 Leather


Ombre Leather 33 perfume exudes a primal leather essence with oakmoss and patchouli, crafting a lasting, nighttime fragrance. Violet notes add a soft, powdery touch, balancing its bold character.

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Ombre Leather 33 perfume is a captivating blend of primal leather and sensual chypre notes like oakmoss. Ideal for nighttime, it’s designed to endure for hours. The woodsy and cooling essence of patchouli evokes a golden fall forest, while violet notes introduce soft, powdery undertones, harmonizing the fragrance.

This complex combination results in a scent that’s bold yet refined, making it a remarkable choice for those who appreciate the allure of leather with a touch of elegance. Ombre Leather 33 embodies a journey through nature’s rugged beauty, wrapped in a powdery embrace, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication.

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Weight 0.340 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm

100 ml


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