Oudh Maal Attar


A sublime addition to your home, transforming living spaces with mesmerizing and unforgettable fragrant notes that captivate and enchant every corner.

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Elevate your home with an entrancing melange of fragrances, creating a symphony of scents that seamlessly blend to fashion an inviting and memorable atmosphere. As a sublime addition to any space, these aromas permeate each room, conjuring a realm of tranquility, warmth, and elegance. The notes unfold beautifully, intertwining and interacting to form a harmonious, balanced bouquet that mesmerizes and enchants.

Each essence comes alive, painting your living space with olfactory hues of splendor and sophistication, leaving a lasting imprint on the memory and soul. Embrace the beauty of aroma with this exquisite addition to your home, and let your senses revel in the mesmerizing allure.

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Weight 0.240 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm


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