Oudh Maattar Bint Al Arab 40g


A captivating blend of Agarwood, Musk, and Amber. An olfactory journey into tradition.

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Oudh Maattar Bint Al Arab weaves a tale of aromatic legacy, offering a deep dive into the heart of traditional fragrances. At its core lies the rich essence of Agarwood, a timeless symbol of luxury and opulence. This central note is beautifully flanked by the sensual warmth of Musk and the golden allure of Amber. Together, they create an enchanting harmony, enveloping the senses in a veil of sophistication.

This fragrance isn’t merely a scent; it’s a passage through time, echoing stories of ancient rituals and the art of traditional perfumery. Choose Oudh Maattar Bint Al Arab for an unforgettable sensory experience.

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Weight 0.40 kg
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