Oudh Maroochy


A premium blend of Agarwood, Amber, and Sandal oils. Earthy and musky aroma that’s uplifting. Perfect for homes, cars, and offices, ensuring every space exudes Oudh Maroochy’s elegance.

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Excellent quality, long lasting Bakhoor by Al Haramain. A unique blend of Agarwood, Amber, Sandal and essential oils are used to create this exquisite incense. beautiful aroma. Mix of high quality oud with amber, sandal and woody. It is a very earthy, mossy, musky aroma. Uplifting and good for stimulating the mind.

Can be placed under curtains, on fabric sofas or anywhere you want to smell heavenly again! You can use in the car, house, office and anywhere you feel you need to add a touch of this Oudh Maroochy.

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Weight 0.295 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 cm


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