Palestine Air Freshener


Palestine is based on the Popular oriental fragrance of Palestine air freshners are ideally designed for you home, offices, cars, restaurants. Its is made from enviromental friendly essence, neutralizes all bad odours and refreshes your indoors quickly and effectively.


Experience the essence of Palestine with our captivating oriental fragrance air fresheners, perfect for homes, offices, cars, and restaurants. Crafted from a powerful blend of nature’s finest fragrances, these air fresheners envelop your living spaces in a delightful aroma. Embrace the eco-friendly essence that effortlessly neutralizes bad odors, leaving your indoors refreshed and invigorated. Transport yourself to the heart of Palestine with every breath, as our air fresheners bring the beauty of nature to your space. Create an enchanting ambiance and elevate your sensory experience with the essence of Palestine. Discover the joy of a refreshing environment, courtesy of our nature-inspired air fresheners.

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Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 23 cm


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