Patterned Brown Circle Bukhoor Burner H7518


Unveil Middle Eastern mystique with the Modern Barrel Burner. Ornate gold detailing, a removable tray for coal and a colorful Polyresin lid. Elevate your space with enchanting Bukhoor or Agarwood aromas. Lid is decorative, not for use while burning.


Emanate the Middle East’s luxurious aromas with the exquisite Modern Barrel Burner. Beautifully accented with elaborate gold detailing on both base and lid, it’s a piece of art on its own. Equipped with a removable perforated tray, it’s meticulously designed for burning coal, seamlessly releasing the captivating scents of your chosen Bukhoor or Agarwood. Available in diverse colors, the Polyresin lid adds a further touch of elegance.

Despite its allure, the lid is purely decorative and should remain unutilized while incense or Bukhoor is aflame. Immerse your surroundings in the rich, relaxing fragrances and treasure the cultural opulence this exceptional burner brings to your home.

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Weight 0.320 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 cm


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