Plain Five Para 21-25


Discover our Indo-Pak script 5-para range, perfect for children’s learning at the masjid. With 9 lines per page, it offers readability and ease, making it an ideal choice for those that may not have good eye sight.

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Introducing our 5-para range featuring the Indo-Pak script, designed with children in mind for their masjid studies. Each page contains 9 lines, offering an optimal balance of content and readability. This user-friendly format is tailored to enhance the learning experience for young minds, providing an accessible and enjoyable way to delve into their quran recitation.  The script’s simplicity ensures comprehension, making it an invaluable tool for children as they embark on their spiritual education journey. Choose our 5-para range to empower the younger generation with knowledge and understanding in a format tailored to their needs.

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