Rainbow Charcoal 50pcs

High-quality Rainbow Charcoal tablets for incense and Bukhoor burners. Includes Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green coals in 10-tablet packs. Each 40mm, odourless, long-lasting tablet ensures a premium Bukhoor experience.


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Rainbow Charcoal offers the pinnacle of quality when it comes to delivering a superior incense and Bukhoor burning experience. Crafted with precision and designed to cater to those who value authenticity, these tablets promise an unmatched consistency every time they’re ignited. The set includes vibrant colors: Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Green, each reflecting a unique character and energy. Sealed in 10-tablet packs, they’re meticulously preserved to ensure freshness. With a generous 40mm diameter, every tablet is constructed to be free from any odor that might compromise your Bukhoor’s fragrance.

The longevity of each piece ensures that your incense or Bukhoor burns evenly, allowing you to immerse in its aroma without any interruptions. Invest in these tablets, and elevate every sensory ritual to a celebration, ensuring a premium Bukhoor experience.

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