Repentance Breaking The Habit Of Sin


Reflect on the power of repentance as mentioned in Surah Ali Imran, verse 135. Keep the door of forgiveness open with Allah (s.w.t.), who is ever-ready to pardon your sins.


Contemplate the profound message of Surah Ali Imran, verse 135, which highlights the act of repentance when one commits immorality or wrongdoing. This verse reminds us of Allah’s boundless mercy and willingness to forgive. It’s a powerful call to keep the door of repentance perpetually open between you and Allah (s.w.t.), recognizing His readiness to pardon your sins. In moments of transgression, remember that seeking forgiveness and turning back to Him is a path to His grace and mercy. Embrace the opportunity to mend your ways and strengthen your connection with the Most Merciful. Allah (s.w.t.) is always ready to welcome those who seek His forgiveness.

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