Royal Amber by Orientica


Command attention with bergamot, amber, and melon, evolving into a vanilla-musk essence with a woody undertone.

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Royal Amber is more than just a fragrance; it’s an embodiment of presence and charisma. Its initial notes of bergamot and amber hint at sophistication, while the playful allure of melon and pineapple adds a unique, captivating twist. As it settles, the rich undertones of vanilla and musk intertwine seamlessly with woodiness, creating a scent that lingers, ensuring you’re remembered long after you’ve left the room. Every spray of Royal Amber isn’t just an application—it’s an assertion, turning each moment into an event, every entrance into an announcement. It’s the aroma of influence, ensuring you’re not just seen, but celebrated.

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Weight 0.410 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 16 cm

100 ml


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