Rush Room Freshener


‘Amsons’ “”Rush”” is a luxury water-based scent with essential oils. Designed to neutralize odors, it adds aroma to curtains, linen, clothes during ironing, and hands post-meals.

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Introducing “”Rush”” by Amsons: a revelation in the realm of fragrances. This premium water-based scent is more than just an aroma; it’s a harmonious blend of mystery and mastery. Using a guarded blend of essential oils, we’ve managed to encapsulate the very essence of elegance and purity. Infused with potent anti-bacterial ingredients, it goes beyond mere scenting. It actively combats and diminishes unwelcome odors, ensuring that every breath you take is a fragrant embrace.

But the magic of “”Rush”” doesn’t stop at freshening the air. Its versatility is truly remarkable. Whether it’s the gentle touch of your curtains, the warm embrace of your bed linen, the crispness of freshly ironed clothes, or the refreshing feel of hands after a meal, this perfume aqua is designed to infuse every moment with a touch of aromatic luxury. Embrace “”Rush”” and elevate every sensory experience.

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