Saat Safa 15ml Roll on Attar


Oud-based with oak layers. A luxurious, sensual fragrance with a multifaceted personality.

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Saat Safa weaves an olfactory tale that is both luxurious and intriguing. Rooted in a rich oud base, it unfolds with hints of oak, creating a depth that’s reminiscent of timeless elegance. But beyond its initial notes, this fragrance boasts a personality that’s ever-evolving, offering wearers a symphony of sensations.

With each wear, you’ll discover new layers, making “Saat Safa” a sensory journey in itself. Sensual, sophisticated, and full of surprises, it stands out as a signature scent for those who appreciate the finer nuances in perfumery. A celebration of aromatic artistry, this fragrance invites you to dive deep into its many layers.

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15 ml


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