Safeer Al Oudh Bakhoor


A premium wood chip incense. Burn for a bold, heavenly fragrance. Packed in an easy-to-use 40g pack, it offers relaxation and fills homes with exquisite scents.

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Bakhoor Safeer Al Oud is a premium incense wood chip blend, originating from the U.A.E. This quintessential Oriental bakhoor amalgamates energizing notes, producing a bold and heavenly fragrance. “”Bakhoor,”” the Arabic term, refers to scented bricks, primarily made of wood chips. To experience its rich aroma, ignite a charcoal disc in a bakhoor burner until it glows, then place fragments of Bakhoor Safeer Al Oud onto it, allowing the captivating smoke to permeate the room.

However, ensure it’s just enough to enthrall, not overpower. Packed in a convenient 40g pack, these chips are easy to portion. This Oud-scented wood, infused with exquisite essences, promises a sensory treat. As it burns, the notes released evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Let Bakhoor Safeer Al Oud redefine your space with its astounding fragrance.


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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 cm


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