Secrets Of Devine Love


Secrets of Divine Love, by A. Helwa, speaks to the searching heart, guiding with love, inspiring spiritual seekers of all traditions. Unlock your potential and experience the beauty of Islam’s core from a place of love and joy.


In Secrets of Divine Love, A. Helwa addresses the longing heart, offering a compassionate guide for spiritual seekers. The book, a blend of rationality and heart-based approach to the Qur’an, unveils spiritual secrets, explores forgotten teachings of love in Islam, and serves as a compass to divine peace. Helwa weaves mystical stories, Qur’anic verses, Hadith, poetry, psychology, and science, creating a digestible and inspiring narrative. This motivational guide transcends conventional religious discourse, emphasizing the beauty hidden in Islam’s heart. Beyond rules, it encourages a loving relationship with Allah, inviting readers of all traditions to explore a more intimate connection. If you yearn for closeness with Allah, this book is your guide.

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