Shattered Glass


In “Shattered Glass: Healing a Broken Heart,” Yasmin Mogahed offers solace to those battling sadness and depression, emphasizing that it’s not their fault. This insightful guide addresses emotional trauma and healing.


Shattered Glass: Healing a Broken Heart by Yasmin Mogahed provides comfort to those grappling with sadness or depression, dispelling the notion of fault. Mogahed highlights that one’s suffering isn’t due to divine anger, weakness, ingratitude, or lack of religiosity. While society educates on physical injuries, emotional trauma remains an overlooked area. This poignant guide acknowledges the emotional struggle humans face, offering insight into the healing process. It serves as a compassionate resource for those seeking to mend their broken hearts, emphasizing that they’re not alone in their pain. Mogahed’s work encourages understanding, support, and self-compassion on the path to emotional recovery.

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