Small Cylinder Humidifier Light Brown AM00970


Versatile Aroma Humidifier functions as a Humidifier, Aroma Machine, and Night Light. Elevate relaxation with aromatherapy, improve air quality, and enjoy customizable ambiance in your bedroom. Separate mist and light controls for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Experience the multifunctional benefits of our Aroma Humidifier, serving as a Humidifier, Aroma Machine, and Night Light. Enhance relaxation by adding your favorite aromatherapy oil, combating fatigue, and improving air quality. Choose from a variety of colors or let them rotate to create a soothing bedroom ambiance. The mist and light functions operate independently, allowing you to customize your experience. Use it as a nightlight for a comforting glow or turn off the light for an uninterrupted sleep. This diffuser adds versatility to your space, promoting well-being through aromatherapy, air humidification, and adjustable lighting for a serene and personalized environment.

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 9.3 × 2 × 15.7 cm


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