Small Gold Quran Giftset


Embrace the essence of faith with our opulent Gold Quran gift set. Featuring a refined Quran, a prayer mat for Salah, and a sublime tasbeeh, this set is the perfect gift for families and friends, fostering spiritual connection and serenity in every home.


Elevate your spiritual journey with our exquisite Quran gift set that is in a rich Gold colour, a testament to refined elegance and divine connection. This opulent ensemble includes a finely crafted Quran, a luxurious prayer mat tailored for Salah, and a sublime tasbeeh— a bead-adorned rope facilitating mindful counting of Dhikr. Ideal for families and friends, this set transcends mere gift-giving; it fosters a deep spiritual connection and serenity within every home. Immerse yourself in the beauty of sacred traditions, offering a meaningful and memorable token of devotion. Embrace the divine with a gift that echoes both sophistication and spiritual enrichment, a cherished addition to the homes of your loved ones.

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Weight 0.900 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 15 cm


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