Explore two valuable books in one: ‘The Shari Laws regarding Iddat’ and ‘Flowers of Women.’ Covering Iddat laws, Haiz, Nifaas, Istihaazah, and their impact on Islamic practices.


This combined edition features two invaluable books: ‘The Shari Laws regarding Iddat’ and ‘Flowers of Women.’ The first book provides comprehensive insights into the laws of Iddat, explaining its significance, do’s and don’ts, how to spend it, and calculations. The second book adopts a question-and-answer format, elucidating Haiz, Nifaas, and Istihaazah, while also delving into specific laws pertaining to various aspects of Islamic practice, such as Salaah, Fasting, Itikaaf, Quran reading, Ahadith, Fiqh, Duas, Zikr, Hajj, and Umrah during these conditions. This combined edition offers a rich resource for understanding and observing these important aspects of Islamic law and practice.

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